Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Boston, Massachusetts

New England is full of historical attractions and rich with natural beauty. This is part of what makes areas like Boston, one of travelers' favored destinations. Take a little history in by visiting the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum or the Freedom Trail.

You can take the time to enjoy a game at Fenway Park, which is also a historic landmark. For some natural beauty, visit Boston Public Garden.

Many visitors love seeing the prestigious and historic Harvard Yard.

Gathered below is a list of 10 top attractions to visit in Boston. Now you can be sure to have an easier time planning your trip.

Best Things To Do in Boston

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1: South End

South End
The streets of this neighborhood are lined with trees and red brick townhouses, but also with some of Boston's best restaurants and activities. You'll find retail stores, boutiques, design shops and art galleries along any part of Washington, Shawmut, and Tremont Streets, and on Harrison Avenue. The city's most popular and arguably the best cafe and bakery in town, Flour, is also found here. If sweets aren't your thing then check out B&G Oysters for lunch or dinner if seafood done right is your kind of thing.

Address: Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02118


2: Freedom Trail

Freedom Trail
This trail is two and a half miles of beautiful brick path that weaves its way through downtown Boston. It connects a total of 16 historical sites which are all explained along the way. Some of these include famous churches or graveyards, the Old State House, the Old South Meeting House and Paul Revere House. Most of the sites are free although some suggest donations and there are one or two that require admission fees.

Address: Freedom Trail, Boston, MA

3: North End

North End
This is Boston's oldest neighborhood and also an Italian one. Let the cobblestone streets lead you to the fantastic restaurants here. Admire the architecture and historic sites, which include Old North Church and Paul Revere's house.

Address: Boston, MA 02109


4: Fenway Park

Fenway Park
Like much of Boston, its baseball stadium is also historic. It's actually the oldest baseball park in the United States. It's a cozier stadium so you'll feel like you're in the middle of the action if you attend a game. The location is excellent too- you're right in the middle of downtown for drinks and dinner afterwards.

Address: 4 Yawkey Way, Boston, MA 02215


5: Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum

Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum
This museum really works to make you feel like you're part of the original event. There are even interactive exhibits and live actors to make it feel real, and at the end you get to dump tea over the boat just like the Sons of Liberty did. The floating museum is located on the Congress Street Bridge in Boston and the tour takes about an hour.

Address: 306 Congress St, Boston, MA 02210


6: Boston Public Library

Boston Public Library
How could you miss the opportunity to visit the United States' first large, municipally funded library? Like Fenway, it has a great location near other attractions in Copley Square near Trinity Church. The outside is breathtaking and even intimidating in its appearance, and the inside offers Internet connection and a map collection in addition to tons and tons of books.

Address: 700 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02116


7: Back Bay

Back Bay
If you've been saving up for the purchase of something special during your trip to Boston, then Back Bay is the place to go to buy it. We're talking an eight-block stretch of stores that increase in fanciness and pricing. They begin with downmarket stores and culminate the most high-end of stores like Chanel and Cartier. The residential areas near this stretch are also quite the sight and worth a visit.

Address: Boston, MA


8: Harvard Yard

Harvard Yard
Taking a stroll around the nation's most coveted and prestigious university is quite the experience. Take time to admire the buildings and the small but fantastic museums in the area such as the Peabody Museum or Sackler Art Museum. Once you're finished there are plenty of cheap, tasty restaurants waiting for you outside of the gates.

Address: 2 Kirkland St, Cambridge, MA 02138

9: Boston Public Garden

Boston Public Garden
If you're downtown then you're near the Public Garden in the heart of the city. The park has a great view of the skyline of Boston's financial district. It also features the always popular swan boats in the warmer seasons which are, funny enough, accompanied by flocks of swans that choose to call the pond in the park their home. There are a lot of lovely gardens and statues to peruse while you're here- the equestrian statue of George Washington, John Quincy Adam Ward's and Mary E. Moore's "small child fountain" are among the notable ones.

Address: 4 Charles St, Boston, MA 02114


10: The ICA

"ICA" stands for Institute of Contemporary Art, and Boston's is nothing short of fantastic. The museum itself is a beautiful piece of artwork, being made all from glass and jutting out at stunningly sharp angles. Work up an appetite walking through the museum's exhibits and then catch lunch or dinner at one of the many restaurants that have recently opened up in this area.

Address: 100 Northern Ave, Boston, MA 02210


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